Super Premium Barbecue with Brick Veneer

Our barbecue has oven and grill in one product. It is ideal for restaurants, terraces and gardens. Its robust structure and brick veneer finishes, and its modular system excels; It is armed and disarmed without anchors or fasteners.

Key features of this product:

  • Siding with brick veneer
  • Lining with brick masonry
  • Tiled grill
  • Enameled juice collector
  • Handled and rail
  • Motor and spiedo (optional)
  • Stainless steel oven
  • 2 enameled trays
  • Bimetallic thermometer
  • Tempered glass
  • Wine cellar
  • 3 warehouses in wrought iron
  • Hood and cap

Deliveries throughout the country and abroad


Our barbecues are a modern solution to classical masonry grill. It consists of a modern modular assembly, allowing quick installation at home or place that needs it.


Our modular assembly fireplaces allow effectively utilize the heat with a touch of elegance, thanks to its coating with flagstone and wrought iron, which distinguish it from similar products of competitors.


Our grills enamelled, with built-in temperature control thermometer and wine cellar, including some of its most striking features are assembled and disassembled without anchors or fasteners.

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